Legislative Advocacy: Nurses on Capitol Hill for American Nurses Association Annual Hill Day

"Being a nurse has clout"

Mary Ellen Levine, MSN/Ed RN CHPN
Hospice Nurse and Adjunct Nursing Faculty

During ANA’s Hill Day, I was impressed by the meetings and felt the members of Congress and staff were interested in what I had to say. Being a nurse has clout.

ANA hosted a breakfast briefing during which time we heard from members of Congress. Sitting with nurses from around the country was empowering. The packet of information for legislators was a great addition to the research I had already done, which included looking up legislators’ bio and reviewing past voting history.

While the Capitol was not easy to navigate for a first timer, the map and information ANA provided really helped. I was grateful to have literature to leave behind. Most of all, being paired with other nurses helped my confidence level.