Patient and Family Advocacy: Ensuring there are bereavement programs for families in the community

"We must stop being complacent and let our voices be heard"

Teresa Brassfield, MSN, RN
SSM DePaul Hospital
Bridgeton, Missouri

I am a labor and delivery nurse and I serve as our unit's Share Coordinator. Share is our bereavement program for pregnancy and infant loss. I consider my role as a Share Coordinator a ministry to help our families deal with the loss of their pregnancy or infant.

I’m a very strong advocate for this program to be recognized by our hospital and community. I pushed my management team to have a special room set aside called a bereavement room for our families. This room supplies blankets and other resources for us to provide to grieving families.

I also work with the National Share Organization to help with the training of new Share Coordinators and to be a voice in our community to get the word out about pregnancy and infant loss.