Everyday Advocacy: Ending nurse abuse

"I am one nurse trying to be heard among 100s of voices in a large institution. Lesson learned: collaborate and persist!"

Patricia Phelps MSN, Ed RN,
Texas Nurses Association District 7 President, American Nurses Advocacy Institute Fellow

In 2015, I conducted a study to examine the incidence of workplace violence (WPV), and associated factors surrounding WPV, across multiple nursing practice settings. The objective was to develop zero-tolerance policies and interventions. Based on the evidence collected, I created a WPV prevention education program applicable for all staff, system wide. I completed a pilot study on this intervention this past spring. A challenge is navigating the multiple players with varying priorities regarding WPV, and the need for consensus.

Another challenge is motivating nurses to be active participants in this issue. Convincing nurses to take the time to use the learning resources available to them so they can be empowered in regards to WPV is my next ambition.


ANA recognizes that incivility, bullying, and violence in the workplace are serious issues in nursing. Click here to find additional resources and tools you need to stop workplace violence.

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