Everyday Advocacy: fighting for coordinated care

"Nurses are the best equipped to advocate for the underserved."

Donna Zazworsky, RN, MS, CCM, FAAN,
Chief Clinical Officer for Cenpatico-Integrated Care in
Tucson, AZ

When patients' needs are coordinated, their outcomes – and lives – are better. It takes nurses to find these opportunities for collaboration and fight for them.

That’s exactly what Donna Zazworsky (RN, MS, CCM, FAAN) in Arizona has done, speaking out for a Medical Respite for the Homeless. As a board member of Catholic Community Services (CCS), she convened an advisory task force of community and hospital stakeholders along with homeless health care providers and shelters.

Today, Donna is working with CCS and the task force to implement a shelter-based medical respite model for low and moderate acuity individuals, helping ensure they get care beyond hospital walls.

Across the country, ANA members are building bridges between forms of care, and improving lives in the process. Keep up the great work, Donna!


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